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Best Place On The Texas Gulf Coast To Live?

Discussion in 'Texas' started by Panterro, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Panterro

    Panterro TEXAS ***** ADVISOR

    What is the best place on the Texas Gulf Coast to live?
  2. T.S.

    T.S. Senior Member

    Galveston looks and sounds nice. South Padre is popular with the spring break crowd. Corpus Christi probably has the most jobs. Being just an hour from Houston might be another plus for Galveston.
  3. Panterro

    Panterro TEXAS ***** ADVISOR

    Yeah T.S. South Padre Island is not too bad.. you would think it would suffer from the same issues El Paso does with needing Spanish to work there, but since it is such a tourist town it is the exact opposite. The population there is mostly Hispanic, but they get a huge fluctuation in the population due to the tourism.

    Corpus Christi TX, has become more and more like El Paso on the water. I hear all the time about people needing Spanish to get jobs there in the service markets mainly. Tourism there is not as big as its two bookends S.P.I. and Galveston. They seem to want to keep the more laid back coastal life style there.. and thats a good thing to me. I also hear that many of the people there are upset with its leadership because they don't seem to be interested in the city's growth. Also Gang's seem to be a major issue there.

    The many smaller towns between Corpus and Galveston, all seem like good candidates if you can either retire and not need to work, or commute to a job in one of the larger cities near by. Rockport, Aransas, Port O'Connor, to name a few... all seem like nice places to live.

    Galveston is the gem on the coast right now, it has a great blend of home life and tourism life all mingled together. There was a time the city was a trash heap, with homeless and drugs, broken bottles on the beach and just filthy. But it has clean upped a bunch, still has some crime issues and drug dens here and there, but it is slowly cleaning up and becoming a great place to live. Right now its my top choice to live. One because of the job market there, and the pay rate, second rent and cost of living is still rather low, considering your living on an island.

    Near Corpus is my second choice. Aransas Pass, or Port Aransas are my second top choices. I start my great hunt for a city I like this weekend.
    T.S. likes this.
  4. Valley

    Valley Junior Member

    You should check out the real estate in Galveston County....there are tons of home for sale - should you be interested in moving there.

    HAR [ dot ] com [galveston county]

    I was down there in Feb. and the devistation from IKE was evident all over - even after 5 months. I heard they were getting most of the problems of not getting trash picked up, finished. They pulled off a successful Mardi Gras, and Spring Break. Still....it's going to take years in some cases.

    They need help with the economy - insurance didn't cover everything.

    Time for another trip down there. It's still my favorite Texas coastal city.
  5. sweetblue09

    sweetblue09 Newbie

    My vote would be Rockport. Very cute little coastal town....laid back and friendly, just like I like it.
  6. Wyody

    Wyody ,

    I like Rockport quite a bit. A little pricey but most of the coastal-bend is the same. I did enjoy a little visit up at Palicios ... if I'm spelling that right. Aransas has a safe harbor but is not quite up to code.
  7. Valley

    Valley Junior Member

    That's the difference between Port A area and Galveston....Rockport - Aransas Pass and the whole area still resembles a quaint coastal town - almost like Kemah/Seabrook used to be 30 years ago. Time stood still in a lot of places down there, near Rockport. I hope it doesn't change anytime soon. Looking forward to my next visit to the Port A/AP area. Hey! That will be this weekend! Yay! :biggrin:
  8. Panterro

    Panterro TEXAS ***** ADVISOR

    Galveston is looking better and better each day. Just so you know.
  9. T.S.

    T.S. Senior Member

  10. westtexasgirl

    westtexasgirl New Member

    What coastal town in Texas would be a good place for a single 49 yr old white woman who likes to have a view of the water but no drama, crime, or crazy partying going on. I'm looking for a safe area, no gangs, violence, drugs, drive by shootings, vagrants, etc....
  11. Wyoming53

    Wyoming53 Hermit Staff Member

    That's a tough order to fill. I've only visited a couple times but to have a view of the water could get really expensive. But if you go inland 10 miles, the housing is reasonable in Corpus area.
    T.S. likes this.
  12. Jack Lance

    Jack Lance New Member

    Galveston is by far the best place to live on the Texas coast at this time. The Strand, East end, Seawall Blvd. are all being gentrified. All that and the fact that Houston is only as little as 30 minutes away, what more do you need. BTW I got banned from citi-data after having to defend Galveston from some vicious attacks several times. I hope we don't have all the Houston and Galveston haters on this forum.

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