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Its Primary Season?!?! Yes Already.

Discussion in 'New York' started by DesiArnez6, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    September 15th is the date for Primary Elections in NYC and as far as I know the whole state.

    It will be an important election in NYC as it involves, Mayor, Pulic Advocate, etc, nearly all maor City Positions, AND the City council, AND will could potentially be a reference point again (3rd time?) on the issue of term limits.

    Since New York City is very one sided politically in many districts, Primary Elections in many parts are FAR more important than the actual general election.

    So, now is the time to educate yourself on the canidates, and celebrate democracy once again (since it is truly what hold this country together)

    (I do think that those who choose not to read up on the candidates and issues, and NOT to make an INFORMED Choice do our political system a disservice, so please dont take this right for granted. It is almost the time of the year when we have the option to peacefully protest, or show support for policy, depending on our choices, and they will affect us for years.)

    So..... Sepember 15th !!!!

    (Remember not all registered voters can vote in all districts, it is usually restricted to party members, except in districts with an Independence Party Primary, than anyone can vote.) (Most districts dont have an Independence Party Primary, but if they do, all voters are eligible even if not registered with a party.

    Anyone feel free to add thoughts, opinions, corrections, on this Primary issue
    * This thread is NOT really about the general election
  2. skytrekker

    skytrekker Senior Member

    In nearby Connecticut I pay reasonably close attention to NY politics.
  3. BayBreeze

    BayBreeze Supporters

    No primary in our neck of the woods. I don't know much about NY politics. We became friends with a delightful couple who moved here from NY last year. We each think the other talks funny. They are gems!
  4. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    Same here, especially with analogue TV, we got NewsChannel 8 so I saw the campaign between Lieberman, and Lamont, and "the other guy?" I never saw him with a commercial.

    Even moreso The NY stations focus alot on NJ Politics, and i believe they just finished primaries. Tough Jersey Campain Ads on TV still. Governorship I believe.
    Not sure what other posts are up for grabs.

    As far as I know, Mayor Bloomberg hasn't gotten the endorsement of the republicn party this time, but his advertisements re everywhere. I wonder if he will even be in a primary? Term limits has become a major issue in my City Council District in the Bronx

    I heard the morning host of WWRL 1600AM say that he would "put the names out there" for every city councilman that voted to end term limits, so its still heated. Ironically despite the economy, I think term limits will e the #1 issue in Election 09 here in NYC who knew? Primaries dont seem as important in the igher positions, as it seems there are already frontrunners. However never rule out an "upset" as at one point Election 2008 was "Sure" to be Hillary vs Giuliani, (neither of which won the primary). And showing just how important primary elections can be. Its seems Public Advocate Democratic Primary could get a bit ugly. As of recently the candidate Bill de Blasio (endorsed also be the Working Families Party) was taken of the ballot and then reinstated. So, some tension going on there.

    It seems much of the higher position primaries that are somewhat competitive are more personality based (I hate that :smile: ) And also fundraising contributio based. Example, in the Demoratic Mayoral Primary, its hard to distinguish between the candidates. You pretty much have to listen very carefully and study the "Issues" sections of their websites to the very detail :wink:

    I know personally 16th District in the Bronx is being contested for the first time in awhle on a serious level.

    Feel free to add any other Competitive Primary Races in any of the boros :smile:
  5. skytrekker

    skytrekker Senior Member

    I pay active interest in Politics in the nation and state of Connecticut. I dislike Senator Lieberman intensely, and supported Ned Lamont 2 years ago. Lieberman is a parasite- he and his corporate lobbyist wife need to move to Oklahoma!
  6. doglover

    doglover Woof!

    Another Kennedy gone. RIP Ted Kennedy.
  7. yessirnosir

    yessirnosir Senior Member

    47 years in the senate. Not a perfect man, but a most effective legislator. Perhaps the most effective of our lifetimes.
  8. skytrekker

    skytrekker Senior Member

    Kennedy was a person for the masses

    he is with the ages now. God bless him.
  9. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    6:14am 27th of August 2009 WCBS-TV just saw the fist commercial for Public Advocate Demoratic Primary, so this race WILL get even more competitive it seems. The Ad was for Eric Gioia, a newer candidate it seems. I got caught off guard but I heard him talking about getting security cameras for public housing residents. Perhaps this will be a race of populism, considering the competition. I wonder if we will see Bill de Blasio Ads soon in response. With the backing of the Working Families party and much of the union base, it will be fascinating to see. the WF Party is pretty competitive in these races and well funded. These seem to be the "frontrunners", but we shall see.

    Here are their websites:
    Bill de Blasio: http://www.billdeblasio.com/splash.html
    Eric Gioia: http://www.ericgioia.com/

    NHYRNUT Dreams, the reality?

    Primaries for Municipals here in NH as well. Lucky only the cities have them at the moment and it is very quiet as of now.
  11. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    Interesting is that it seems the busiest time for ads here is always at the city level. Often presiential elections just write us off (Election 2004) Not one single presidential Ad) But there are so many powerful city positions, it seems that municipal elections are the busiest. Ads tend to increase more after primaries.

    Unique is how heated primaries can get here, since NY is so politically lopsided, democratic primaries in many cases can get extremely competitive, as republican candidates are often considered write offs. (Even for mayor so far this year the republican primary is virtually uncovered and seems uncompetitive) I suspect it will be Democratic vs Independent (Bloomberg) as the two frontrunners atleast at this point, for mayor. Actually I havent seen any Republicans catching any headlines yet, although Staten Island could retain its Republican representatives (since they tend to be the "red" boro of the city. BUT it also seems both republican coucilmen from Staten Island are lagging in fundraising. So It is still unpredictable there.

    ****For those who don't know, voters introduced a referendum and it passed to put term limits on city representatives. The City Council overtuned the peoples vote, by eliminating term limits. Once again the people got another referendum on the ballot and once again reinstated term limits, AND again In response, the city council decided to overturn again the peoples vote again AND a judge let them. So now people are MAD having our voice been "overturned twice". There are already plans for a third referendum for term limits which seems too have support, So after the disregard for the people's vote, twice in a row, it looks like an unusual amount of primary challenges, and people are willing to try something new (or really quite an old idea I suppose... get rid of the incumbents by way of voting :wink:

    * See Comments from NY Times Article on the issue, to get a general feel of local views on the matter Council Votes, 29 to 22, to Extend Term Limits - City Room Blog - NYTimes.com

    * Fascinating: Bloomberg loses temper at a reporter who asks Mayor about the need for elimination of term limits now that the economy is stronger (rational for the move was originally the we NEEDED Bloomberg during economic crisis) Bloomberg ironically calls the reporter a "disgrace", forgetting the original position of Bloomberg years before that the overturning of term limits would be a "disgraceful act" Youtube video at NY Times Link In a Term Limits Question, Bloomberg Sees ‘Disgrace’ - City Room Blog - NYTimes.com

    Here is an update, on the trouble incumbents are facing regarding term limits. Term Limits Backlash: Incumbents In Trouble- City Limits: News for NYC's Nonprofit, Policy and Activist World

    Notice also why primaries are so important here is the list of our city council members, out of the 50 members currently serving, only 3 are republicans (2 from Staten Island, 1 from Queens) Considering current demographic leftward changes that are still continuing, we could very well see a one party government, (Although Eric Ulrich of Ozone Park, Queens, may remain, I haven't noticed any controversies or news of serious challenge, so there will likely be atleast 1 republican in the council for now)....hence Primaries are extremely important!

    Here is the current list to see the party imbalance:
    New York City Council - All New York City Council Members

    *Apparently Kendall Stewart of the 45th District (Flatbush & Flatlands, Brooklyn) already is in a 7 way race!

    * Note city council districts are small enough that their campaigns usually stay at the radio level, and or local press, community organizations and lots of footwork in the neighborhoods, meeting constituents etc, and plenty of flyers. (Unless major controversy ensues, THEN Im sure TV will be involved as always :smile: )

    Still low primary turnout is expected city wide.
    *Remember anyone who decided to register with a party after the big Election 08 (Obama vs McCain) won't be able to vote in primaries until 1 week after November general elections '09, so those people will be excluded from voting in the primaries in most districts until 2010 (per NY State Law). This long delay time in the processing of party registration will heavily suppress any previously "independent" voters In "Primary Election 09 Edition:NYC" (seems reality show worthy huh? lol, well....maybe :smile: )

    ** How the votes went in City Council, there were actual two votes, one on whether or not to call for another peoples referendum, and another vote on whether or not to "just get rid of term limits" regardless of history
    Vote Tally here: http://www.downtownexpress.com/de_284/termlimits.html

    Last but not least hre is a goute from a poster at:Hello, Mayor Bloombergforever: City Council Votes to Pass Term Limits Extension, 29-22 - Gothamist

    "Here is a list of the council members who thought it appropriate to thumb their nose at New Yorkers wishes and voted to extend term limits, rather than put it to a referendum.

    Christine C. Quinn
    Maria del Carmen Arroyo
    Maria Baez
    Leroy G. Comrie Jr.
    Inez E. Dickens
    Erik Martin Dilan
    Simcha Felder
    Lewis A. Fidler
    Helen D. Foster
    Alan J. Gerson
    Sara M. Gonzalez
    Robert Jackson
    Melinda R. Katz
    G. Oliver Koppell
    Miguel Martinez
    Darlene Mealy
    Michael C. Nelson
    Domenic M. Recchia Jr.
    Diana Reyna
    Joel Rivera
    James Sanders Jr.
    Larry B. Seabrook
    Helen Sears
    Kendall Stewart
    James Vacca
    Peter F. Vallone
    Albert Vann
    Thomas White Jr.
    David Yassky "

    ....And the Drama continues :smile:
  12. skytrekker

    skytrekker Senior Member

    The main primary in CT next year will be the republican primary for US Senate nominee- there are three candidates seeking the nomination.
  13. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    Now that TV went digital, I lost Connecticut TV stations, I hope you'll keep us somewhat posted, that sounds very interesting.
  14. yessirnosir

    yessirnosir Senior Member

    The other day our governor, Jim Douglas - a Republican, announced he would not seek a 5th two year term. It's amazing that our left leaning state has voted him in 4 times, but then the Independents and Democrats just haven't mounted much that could be considered as worthy opposition. They've just been in disarray at that level and splitting the votes between them.

    I think VTers realize that we need fiscal responsibility, and Douglas has done his best to be that, but with an overwhelming majority of Dems in the senate and legislature he's run into many roadblocks having several of his vetoes overridden this term. One of the overrides I agree with (same sex marriage) and one I didn't. (budget) Fiscally, Douglas has been good. Socially, he's not been my kind of guy. The next 14 months should be interesting.

    And that's about as political as I'm going to get here. :smile:
  15. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    Gosh, I was not feeling so well recently (hence my temporary talkstates absence)

    Today is Primary Day, which explains why NYC TV has become almost nonstop TV ads, what do we have, 12 candidates? (just counted it,yep, looks live 12, not to mention city council candidates, and Queens Boro President

    Well this is one that sticks out to me: My mother said she loved it, only in NY would you se an add where a politician tells the HMO's to "stick it!"
    klausnerama- This is a campaign ad from Melinda Katz, who is...

    Anyways. Here are the debates: Which add much of a perspective, but feel free to go through the whole nyccfb site (the campaign finance board) you'll find a lot of info. So heres the debates and links: 2009 Debates - New York City Campaign Finance Board

    The "2009 Voter Guide" is at: 2009 NYC Voter Guide

    And for those of you who have seen my viewpoints, for what its worth, here are the "Election 2009 Desi Endorsements" It was NOT easy, took a lot of reading, watching the debate, the commercials, consideration of other endorsements, past records, etc.

    But Well here they are,Some were tough decisions,some not so tough:

    **(And I am Independent, not registered with any party so I can't vote anyways, BUT since the Democratic Party is the only party with candidates today, they will all be democrats, some I may vote for in November some I may not)

    "Desi City-Wide Democratic Primary Endorsements 2009":

    Mayor: Tony Avella - http://www.tonyavellaformayor.com/ (Site is down?!?!?)
    Clip (couldn't find Ad): [ame= - Avella Stands with Victims of the Charter School Takeover of PS 123[/ame]

    Public Advocate: Eric Gioia - Eric Gioia for Public Advocate
    Ad: [ame= - Been There -- Eric Gioia for Public Advocate (First TV Ad)[/ame]

    Comptroller: John C. Liu - John Liu for Comptroller
    Ad: [ame= - Introducing John Liu (30 sec)[/ame]

    *And as for City Council, My support weighs heavily towards those who respected our vote, twice, to put in term limits. No matter what your view,it just isn't classy to just overturn two votes on this. (Kinda dictatorial and creepy in my view) I'll leave it at that.

    *****Remember: Polls close at 9pm!
    Website for New York City Board of Elections: Board of Elections in the City of New York

    Any problems, the board at 1-866-VOTE-NYC (or for hearing impaired TTY (212) 487-5496

    Also remember the number for all city related issues, the 24 hour hotline: 311

    Ciao, for now, and happy voting!
  16. doglover

    doglover Woof!

    Hope you are feeling better Desi. I think you may be the only active NY member but hopefully others will see your post.
  17. doglover

    doglover Woof!

    I have a question Desi. I would love to visit NY again as my husband and I were born there but we only have a weekend. Is that enough time or should we wait for a real vacation....who knows when?
  18. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    Its possible, New York vacations are always a balance between cost and time. (more you stay more you see, but the emptier your pockets upon leaving usually) and the reverse. There is A LOT of awesome free or low cost stuff tho If you plan right. A New York Budget Vacation IS possible. Also I believe Amtrak is currently offering deep discounts to the northeast.

    Weekend is possible, you can fill it with all sorts of things, especially this time of year (I don't recommend winter) Its warm enough to really enjoy it still. you wont see everything, but you also won't spend too much money and maybe will still be able to afford a longer vacation here later :smile:

    **Update: So far the New York Times is noting very low turn out :frown:

    Keep in mind tho that because of New Yorks tough election laws, to be eligible to vote today, you must have registered with your party OVER 1 year ago (So late 2007 or early 2008) Before Obama won the election when people were just starting to warm up to politics.
  19. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    ** Update Channel 4.2 Is currently running the NBC Video Voter Guide. They are presenting different candidates for City Council. I'm not sure if they are all still on the ballot though. When they get to my District we will see I guess. Nonetheless, its a good resource if you are still unsure about who to choose to vote for in your city council District
  20. DesiArnez6

    DesiArnez6 Junior Member

    News 12 has details on the city wide races and the boros of Bronx and Brooklyn local races here. It seems to be constantly updated: Primary Vote 2009

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