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Legal age to move out in Alabama?

Discussion in 'Alabama' started by Amanda, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Amanda

    Amanda Newbie

    My cousin lives in Alabama with her mom, she wants to move out and move in with her dad (my uncle) in Georgia. She is 17 yrs old. What is the legal age that she has to be to move in with her dad? Does it matter that he's in another state that may have a different legal age to move out?? Does it matter that she'd be moving to a different state period?? I've been on lots of sites and they are all confusing...some say 18, some 19, some say it's getting changed to 18 but havn't set a date to change it...blah blah

    Can anyone help me and her out? Thanks so much in advance!

    PS can you please provide the link to where you found your answers so I can send it her way? THANK YOU!!!! :smile:
  2. JW.C

    JW.C Newbie

    If her mother has custody then 18. You are a LEGAL ADULT the day you turn 18. That day is the day that you no longer have to listen to your parents. You can stay out as late as you want etc etc etc.

    Just be aware that its also the day that your parents can stop supporting you. So if your friend turns her back on her mother.......

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