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Pueblo Colorado Mexican Food

Discussion in 'Colorado' started by McGowdog, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. McGowdog

    McGowdog Member

    Here it is. This is really something that I've put some time into. This is MY opinion, so...Some of these places that I will list are places I haven't checked out yet, so others' comments will be added.

    I'm talking about good Mexican Food. Not good Margaritas. I could care less about those. I'm from SoCal and I'm not gonna argue about TexMex vs the other 120 some types of Mexican Food. I could care less about how dumpy the place is, so long as it's sanitary and they keep the place somewhat clean through and through. In the San Fernando Valley, there are places that don't fit this description, but just have the best food. We're not looking for the Palace Arms here. Just good food and a well run joint. This goes for any establishment for me.

    Let's just argue on one thing; If someone says that Taco Bell is better than "X-place", then that's an insult to "X-place".

    #1) Mi Ranchito 24500 E us-50 (Mesa)

    The best. Taste. Service. Carnitas & Green Chile hold their own. Beans & rice are both good.*

    * Code for Authentic Pueblo Colorado Mexican Food.

    #2) Mi Ranchito-Rev B 525 S Pueblo Blvd.

    Just as good as on the Mesa (but my favorite server in town once from there moved over to Olive Garden. Maybe he'll come back to his senses and go back where he belongs). I think they both have Friday Buffets with pretty dern good crablegs if you can believe that!

    #3) Mi Pueblito - Mi Ranchito's Cousin 1305 E Routt (by Northern)

    Mi Ranchito's Cousin. Need I say more? One of those places that looks rough from the outside* but not too shabby on the inside.

    *Code for what makes Pueblo Pueblo.

    The rest are sort of in random order. I'm gonna try to go with my personal favs down to ones I haven't tried yet but heard good things about.

    Arriba's: 4000 thatcher (4th ave west and Pueblo Blvd)

    Better Breakfast Burritos than Burrito Betty's!!!!!!!!!!! Yup!
    Best Green Chile in Pueblo at this time!
    Try the Pork & Avacado Burritos, chicken tacos on white (flour-but fried).

    Betty's Burritos 2401 N Elizabeth M-Sat 7:00am-2:00pm

    Get the #10 Breakfast Burrito-good for the go-it's all inside the tortilla

    Adolfo's 604 E 4th

    When Burrito Betty's is too crowded as always, go here. They're great. I'd like to try other stuff here too real soon. Oh, nice folks and the kind of place you can go in and eat. Not fancy, just good and simple.

    Adolfo's 4104 Outlook

    Food is as good as above, it's 24/7! I hate the service. The food is worth it though. They hate me, don't know why. So I hate them back. Take out only for me. Hey, this is the only place like it in it's immediate surroundings too, so I'm glad it's there.

    Papa Jose's 320 S Union Here's your great atmosphere. Dude in Colorado Springs loves it. Looked for Mexican Food for 3 years in Cos and "couldn't find it". "Doesn't feel like a restaurant, it feels like home". I like it ok. Location location location.

    Jorge's Sombrero (Horhay's) 1319 E Evans

    Good Carnitas and stuff - local fav.

    Nachos 409 N Santa Fe

    I better mention this one; one of MMG's favs. Atmosphere. Location. Lively! Probably great for kids. Pretty darn good beans and rice* (remember?) Not bad for a place that doesn't know what real Carnitas are!

    Mexi-Deli 215 E Abriendo

    Almost a fast-food atmosphere with drive thru, but oh so much more. Pretty Darn Good Food and Service Really! Don't expect an On-The-Border type place. I doubt you'd get an alcoholic beverage here.

    City Diner 1002 N Santa Fe

    Hungry? Almost Broke? Get the City Bomber-smothered in Green!

    Gray's Coors Tavern 4th and right east of MidWay

    The Slopper (get green and two patties) (if red, get onions)

    Star Bar Also The Slopper. Where is it? Find it. Pueblo Secret.

    Pantry Find it. I call some of these diners Mexican Food because of the Green. Got to try the smothered chicken enchiladas and go there hungry!

    Taco Casa 704 W 29th

    Drive-thru type little place, but good food & Service & Price*

    * This is code for NOT franchise and the locals like it.

    Taco Star 2021 S Pueblo Blvd

    Yes, this fast-food joint made the list. They got some real food in there! Fish Tacos! OMG! Yum!

    3 Margaritas Remember where the GAP was 23 years ago? Too bad.

    I mention this franchise joint because CF, Chilis, Applebees, Johhny Carinos, Olive Garden, etc. can just go away. These folks will treat you like family. This is not code; their beans are just different. I like them. They may or may not know what Carnitas are, but they know what to do with a flank steak. Sometimes, you gotta have cow. Served hot and yum.

    Romero's Cafe & Catering 2648 Santa Fe (Mesa)

    Many a local fav. It's just too close to # 1 Mi Ranchitos for me, that my vehicle just won't make it there. I call it the Blue Bonnet of Pueblo. "Toot Toot!" No offense to people who love it. Just try the #1 at Mi Ranchitos sometime and tell me you like Romero's better.

    Places I need to find: Molly's Tamale House 410 Indiana (if it's still open), Taco Stop 702 E 4th, Casa de Burritos 1729 S Prairie "Bean & Chicharron-the best", Tortilleria Delicias 926 S Santa Fe (looks hard to find, may be a gem),

    Mill Stop 317 Bay State

    an old CF&I fav. I haven't been there yet. To some, it's just the best. It's what they say.

    Oh, there's a place, east on Northern just east and north of the bridge over I-25. It's in a bar. Great food.
  2. McGowdog

    McGowdog Member

    Martinez Cafe:

    Martinez Cafe is another gem. I went there Sunday and it was open for a change! They have weird hours and very limited seating, but it's a very quaint and clean place. Very colorful and friendly.

    These two older ladies were working in the kitchen and you just know they're good cooks and it's about as homeade as you can get.

    They serve stuff like; American Style and Mexican Style breakfasts, specialties such as Smostada (beef chicken or Chorizo tostada with bean, onion & cheese topped with lettuce, tomato & sour cream), Burritos, Rellaco (a rellano in a taco style tortilla-flour or corn with ...), Polk Street Special (choice of 2 meat combination in a large flour tort with beans, onion, parmesan & cheddar cheese, guacamole & sour cream, smothered with red or green). Ala Carte: taco, enchilada, relleno, pork tamale, burrito, etc. For sides, they have you pick two of the three; rice, beans, or potatoes. The beans are good too. Good because they are homemade and not from dehydrated or from a can.

    I got one chirizo taco on white, one chirizo taco on corn, and a chirizo burrito and it did not make me sick. It made me want to slap somebody's grandmother.

    Los Cuervos in Colorado City Colorado:

    This is two chimis with chorizo and smothered in green. You can tell those beans and rice are good. Everything is made from scratch here. Just be ready to pay dinner prices for lunch and only specials on weekends.

    Sunset Inn is a great place for a slopper smothered in green and other grill food. It's also a pretty nice sports bar and near the Fair. Lincoln and Prairie.


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