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Santa Fe NM

Discussion in 'New Mexico' started by Panterro, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Panterro

    Panterro TEXAS ***** ADVISOR

    I was looking at Santa Fe NM, because someone had asked me about places that are very green friendly in the building codes and had a great art scene, I thought of Santa Fe.

    I was looking at pictures and thinking wow, it looks pretty cool up there, may have to have a look at the city sometime.

    But anyways, did you know that Jan 1 2006 the minimum wage in Santa Fe was $9.50 an hour? and come Jan 1 2008 just a few short months a way the wage will be raised to $10.50 an hour. Now talk about keeping up with inflation. Wish the Governor of NM would make that state wide. Id hope the state line to work in NM in a second!

    Here it is in PDF format..

  2. PDXnative

    PDXnative Travel Junky

    But nobody can afford to live there except the rich. Check out the real estate prices. Nice town, though....
  3. Hoosierland King

    Hoosierland King Taking a back seat

    That's also why Santa Fe's population is so low.
  4. Moonwater

    Moonwater Newbie

    Santa Fe is beautiful but unless you have lots of money, it's not a good place to live.
    Some of the least expensive places to live in NM are in the southern part like Las Cruces. Albuquerque is reasonable in some areas of real estate but expensive in others and about an hour's drive from Santa Fe.
  5. 3037138585

    3037138585 Newbie

    Rents in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe have both gone up since 2007, due to the passage of the Urban Growth boundaries around these cities. When you decrease the supply of housing, then that creates volatility in the housing market, and prices and rents increase.

    As for the minimum wage, it was supposed to go to $10+ an hour as of January 1, 2009. However, in looking here it looks like it's only $9.85 an hour -

    If one is from the Coasts and used to higher rents,then rents in Santa Fe won't "seem" expensive.

    Keep in mind that restaurant server wages in both AZ and NM are very low ($2 to $3 an hour), whereas in CA it's the same as the minimum wage. Many people do not tip because of the economy; be sure to tip when you're on the road and at Dennys. :smile:

    Did they finish the light rail from Albuquerque to Santa FE?

    I don't like Santa Fe for several reasons including the weather; too cold and very windy for much of the year, with snow in the winter. Albuquerque is nicer - 2,000' lower in elevation and warmer all year round (cold winters), and snow *USUALLY* melts (except, was it, 2006?!).

    Sedona is similar to Santa Fe in terms of the arts, and the weather is much warmer in the winter and very nice year round. Anyone prefer one city to the other?
  6. 3037138585

    3037138585 Newbie

    And be sure to look at Placitas, 20 minutes from Albuquerque, and 20 minutes from Santa Fe. It's a very special and spiritual place, nestled above Albuquerque along the slopes of the Sandias. It reminds me of Sedona, with similar architecture, natural vegetation, canyons, and large lot sizes. Lots of artists, hippies, yoga, gays, etc. and green conscious folk. And, you're right next to trails into the Sandias. Most homes are very expensive, although a few as I recall are around 200K-300K, and rentals can be below $1000/month.

    Placitas Chamber,

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