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Should I move back to DC?

Discussion in 'District of Columbia' started by Lauren, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Lauren

    Lauren Newbie

    I moved to San Diego, CA last month and am very unhappy with both my job and my life here. I find the people to be cold, and people unfocused on their careers. I moved here from DC, which is exactly opposite of those things and think I made a big mistake moving here. How soon is too soon to give up and go back to DC?
  2. Aly

    Aly Newbie

    No, it is not too soon. If you have bought a house, you should try to sell it, and if you have no luck, just say until you can. Washington DC is a very facinating and pretty city, and honestly I think you should move back. You wouldn't exactly be giving up, you'd just be going back.
  3. Go with your 'gut'.

    I too am a Wash DC native (born/raised) and I left that place 30 years for California then Arizona.

    Im my case; I have no desire to ever return to DC even for a visit.

    Your situation seems to be the opposite, again go with your feelings. :smile:

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